2003 Bonhams Butterfields Auction

This was the first Bonhams and Butterfields Auction I attended.  The auction takes place at the end of the day following the Quail Lodge Motorsports Event.  As it was the last event I encountered (I came here after the Conscorsco Italiano and checking out the remaining cars from the Quail Lodge Motorsports Event) I was almost out of film and had to choose my subjects with care.  I think the Alfa Prototype was the last car I shot before running out of film.  And since I didn't have a catalogue, I was able to get much information on those I did photograph.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay long enough to see what these cars sold for.  

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Alfa Romeo T33 Prototype

I think this is may be a BRM, only because it bares a strong resmeblance to similar car which appear briefly in the movie "Grand Prix".

Howmet Turbine Race Car (c1968)

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Talbot Grand Prix Car (c195?)