FIA European Truck Racing Series

Misano 2000

I went to Italy in 2000 for the Mille Miglia.  The cars left Brescia Thursday night and were scheduled to return Saturday night.  Witnessing the finish was not to be.  On Saturday morning my cousin picked me up from my hotel directly across from the train station in Brescia.   I had no idea where we were going.  We spent the better part of the day driving south on the A14, past Imola, eventually arriving at the town of Misano, south of Rimini, where the FIA sanctioned "Il Week-End Del Camionista", or truck racing.  This was the last thing I expected to see on a trip to Italy.

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One of the Ferrari Formula One cars on display at Misano.

When taking this photo I was so captivated by the ladies on the Ducatti, I didn't notice the character who slipped into the background.  That is my cousin Tino, looking like something out of Mad Magazine.

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2000 Alfa Romeo GTV.

2000 MGF.  One of the support race for this event was the MGF Racing Series.  Unfortunately we didn't stay around to see this race.

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Another one make series was for Mini Coopers.  The new Minis were available in Europe a few years before they made it to the US.

MGF and Mini Cooper race cars in the Misono paddock.

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More Mini Coopers

The Continental Tires Grid Girls relaxing between events.  

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The Grid Girls go to work.  In the San Francisco Region of the SCCA all we rate is a guy a red shirt.

Last minute preparations before the pace lab.

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Mercedes race trucks in action.